Trap Queen - Nasty Juice (Yummy Fruity Series)

Nasty Juice

“We brew nothing fancy; just some juices that are NASTY!”

MLV is extremely delighted to announce the arrival of Malaysia’s most sought after e-juice label, the outlandish yet snazzy Nasty Juice!

Having been established in 2014, these artisan juice makers have since taken the Vaping scene by storm with their series of deliciously mentholated fruity flavours. Vapers who are familiar with our juice roster will know that we only source from the best and seldom deviate from U.S imports. Amongst the many juice-making companies in other countries that are gaining traction quickly, few are as serious as Nasty Juice when it comes to high-quality mentholated fruity flavours.

Every bottle of Nasty Juice is beautifully packaged, comes in a generous 60ml format and features food-grade, steep-friendly aluminium bottle that keeps the e-juice in a top-notch condition.

Trap Queen: Mentholated Farm Fresh Strawberry

Size: 60ml

Recommended Steep Time: Ready to vape.

PG/ VG: 30/70 %

Our e-juices do not contain Nicotine.