TNT Ice - Timebomb by Buckshot Vapors

Timebomb by Buckshot Vapors

The story of Timebomb Vapors started one day when Greg and Alena decided to make a superior line of e-juices apace with the growth of Vape; one that could be vaped all day and appeals to every Vaper. The American duo created Buckshot Vapors, a line of e-juices so well received by the community that they had to create another far more impressive breed of e-juices; and this is how Timebomb Vapors came to be and has since gathered a greater reputation than its predecessor.

Many Vapers in Australia are familiar with Timebomb Vapors and it is not uncommon to find many Australian online retailers carrying their line of juices. One of its latest flavours, the TNT Ice, however, is harder to find. Owing to the success of one of its best selling flavours, TNT, Timebomb Vapors has released the much anticipated and wildly popular mentholated version of the TNT. Many people have expressed that TNT would be perfect if it was given a touch of menthol and thus, Timebomb Vapors has answered everyone's wishes. This is a must-try for Vapers who enjoy well-balanced fruity menthol flavours!

TNT Ice: A mix of strawberry, apple and peach lightly mentholated.

Size: 60ml

Recommended Steep Time: Ready to vape.

PG/ VG: 40/60 %

Our e-juices do not contain Nicotine.