Mini Muffin Man (Limited Edition) - One Hit Wonder E-liquid

One Hit Wonder E-liquid

Sometimes size matters and that is why MLV has decided to enlist the larger-than-life One Hit Wonder E-liquid into our juice collection. Go big or go home with their flagship massive 180ml bottle juices (The Mini Muffin Man comes in 100ml) made using 100% USA sourced ingredients such as TruNic liquid nicotine (not included in our bottles) and homegrown flavourings. 

The goal of this Los Angeles, California, based company is a simple but wild one - to produce the highest quality e-liquid possible at the absolute lowest price to the customers. Early this year, One Hit Wonder E-liquid took the vape world by storm when it introduced the Muffin Man. Since then, the company has come a long way and added 3 additional flavours: the Milk Man, Rocket Man, and My Man.

Mini Muffin Man: The Muffin Man has been tinkering with some rare ingredients and he’s crafted a real banger: The best strawberry muffin on the planet, shrunk down to a miniature form. Moist, plump, sweet, flakey and bursting with flavor… He’s only baked a small batch of these, Get ’em while they’re HOT!

Comes with 2 empty 15ml unicorn bottles

Size: 100ml

Recommended Steep Time: Ready to vape.

PG/ VG: 20/80 %

Our e-juices do not contain Nicotine.