Fixie - Hipster Vape Co.

Hipster Vape Co.

Our search for the greatest tea infused juice blends led us to Atlanta, Georgia, to discover a company created out of pure innovation and obscurity - Hipster Vape Co.

These unconventional yet inventive juice-makers pride themselves on the small-batch production of their juices. This allows them to ensure each blend upholds to the highest level of quality, consistency and purity. 

The flavours from Hipster Vape Co. feature primarily on fruit-infused tea blends - a range of arguably classic flavours brought to life by the mixologist's modern interpretations. 

Fixie: Pineapple, strawberry and watermelon

Size: 60ml

Recommended Steep Time: Ready to vape.

PG/ VG: Max VG

Our e-juices do not contain Nicotine.