Drying Out - Guide for Preventing Dehydration

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If you're new to vaping, one thing that might slip your notice is the fact that e-cigarettes can sometimes accelerate dehydration in your body. Luckily, it's nothing we don't already know about, and, with proper understanding of what to look out for, pretty easy to avoid. 

Cases of dehydration tend to be linked Propylene Glycol (PG) as opposed to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in your juices. We can get technical, but suffice it to say that PG juices tend to extract moisture from their surroundings.  In this case, it means your oral cavities, nose, and throat will all feel the effects if you vape frequently enough. 

What does this mean? 

Dehydration can lead to some serious health issues if left untreated. 

Dry Mouth, in particular, is a condition that you need to watch out for. Your mouth produces saliva for a reason: among lubricating your oral cavities, saliva constitutes an important protective element in the mechanics of your mouth. Lack of saliva due to Dry Mouth can mean increased bacteria growth, leading to gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath - the whole shebang.  It's certainly unpleasant, and something you'd want to avoid - which brings us to the next part: 

What should I look out for? 

Common symptoms linked to dehydration include: 

  • Increased Thirst
  • Headaches/Weakness/Dizziness
  • General Fatigue or Sluggishness
  • Darker Tinged Urine see here for a useful chart: http://healthhub.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/13-HHB-1407-The-Color-of-Pee-Infographic_FNL-finalnm.pdf 

How do I prevent it? 

This might sound silly - but drink more water. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day and to watch out for the above symptoms. Make sure to have water handy whenever you need it and try to avoid sugary, caffeinated, or alcoholic drinks if possible, as these may exacerbate your dehydration. 

Stay hydrated, stay safe. You know what to do! 


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